Dolphin Cay Real Estate Sales Activity Update 9/30/17

RE: Dolphin Cay Real Estate Update – 12-Months Ending 9/30/17 – Courtesy of Deborah Eagan, Realtor

I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome back all my friends and neighbors who have been away for the summer and luckily missed the weather events we experienced.  Fortunately, Dolphin Cay came through the hurricanes with only minor damage reported and to the best of my knowledge, no injuries.  While the power was down, residents communicated via the Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/LifestylesDolphinCay/ .  If you have not signed up, I suggest you do so and you can keep up with the current events on conversations going on in Dolphin Cay.


The property trends in Dolphin Cay continue to be favorable.  We have had 28 condominium sales in the past 12 months, which is two more than the same period from 2016.  The average numbers of units sold in a 12-month period is 29, so we are almost at the average.  The average units sold is just under 10% of the 315 units in our complex.  Also of importance is the average price per square foot has now at $280.28 and continues its’ upward trend (Black line below).

Dolphin Cay remains “IN DEMAND” along the Pinellas Bayway.  In the last 12-month period, I have sold 11 of the 28 condominiums at an average price per square of $305.56 (the Green Line).  Well above the trend for Dolphin Cay and all other Realtors (the Red Line) who have sales in our neighborhood and a $265.74 average sales price per square foot.  Please call me if you are interested in understanding what the value of your specific condo might be.  I’m happy to sit down with you and go through the specifics.

On a quarterly basis, you can see that we had a very large second quarter and slower 3rd quarter.  Part of Q3 decrease related to weather as there were 7 condominiums listed for sale as of September 30, 2017.  The softness in Q3 is consistent with the rest of Pinellas County trends.

The overall summary for the comparative condominium sales for the respective 12-month periods is below.

Single-Family Homes

It has also been a good year for Single-Family Homes in Dolphin Cay with 5 homes being sold versus just one home for the prior 12-month period.  Additionally, there are 4 homes listed “For Sale”, one of which is under contract.  In a previous newsletter I wrote about the $25+ million upgrade to Maximo Marina.  I would expect this to have a positive impact on the homes along Maximo Canal, including the 13 homes on the canal in Dolphin Cay.  I would also expect a positive ripple effect for the other homes in the general area.  I’ve sold several homes in Dolphin Cay over the past several years including 5140 Sandpiper which just sold in September and 4675 Dolphin Cay which is currently under contract.  I still have list 4525 Dolphin Cay which is a spectacular home.  Please let me know if there is any interest.

You may have seen the Facebook posting where a couple of my listings were photographed by an HGTV crew.  They are hoping to use the footage for the opening credits in a series during 2018.  Keep your fingers crossed.  How much fun to just have my listings be recognized by HGTV.  Current listing can be found at www.Dolphin-Cay.com or on my website at https://www.eaganluxury.com/featured-communities/dolphin-cay/.

If you are interested in selling your Dolphin Cay condominium or know someone interested in purchasing a home in Dolphin Cay or the communities around us, my local expertise of the surrounding market can provide an exceptional advantage to your success.  Through highly customized marketing, an energetic work ethic unequalled customer service, I would love to show you how Eagan Luxury Real Estate can make a difference.  Contact me at any time.

All the best

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