How to: Maximize your Kitchen Space

We have a lot of things in our kitchens - from panini presses, coffee bars, pots and pans, automatic wine bottle openers, and fine china - it can be easy to lose track of where to store the items we need to survive, such as strong coffee, amazing wine and exceptional food. Eagan Luxury has once again worked for a way to compile the easiest DIY hacks that will modernize your home while maximizing your kitchen space.

There’s almost always room between the wall and your refrigerator. Build your own narrow rack that slides out when you need your spices and away when you’re done. If your fridge does not have this as an option, try hanging shelves on one or either side of the refrigerator to maximize your storage space and create a modern feel.

Hang a shoe organizer on the interior closet door closest to the kitchen for several storage spaces that are hidden to your visitors.

Maximizing cabinet space is challenging. A lot of the space does not get used. Maximize your space by hanging hooks on the top of the shelf for mugs and small racks that some items - mugs, cups, bowls, plates - can either go under or above the shelving. If you don’t like stacking your plates and still want to maximize your cabinet space, try using a cradle to line your plates up together.

For pots and pans that don’t have the perfect place to live, install a pegboard for them to hang on while they decorate your wall while also upgrading the feel of your home to be modern.

For the appliances you may not use every day - the toaster, air fryer, convection oven, waffle makers - store them in retractable drawers.

Extra counter space and storage are hard to come by. Try adding a chef’s cart in the kitchen with baskets for storage. You should be able to utilize the top of the cart for extra counter space when you need it.

If all you need is a basket for additional storage, try utilizing a ladder with hanging baskets.

Trade in your dish rack that takes up too much room for a corner one. It will still hold as much as the other one while taking up half the space.

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