July 2019 – Dolphin Cay Real Estate Updates – 12 Months Ending June 30, 2019

Dear Dolphin Cay Neighbors,

I’ve abbreviated the Dolphin Cay Newsletter to include it in the format of the Dolphin Cay Today Magazine.  A full copy of the newsletter, with additional charts can be found on my BLOG page at www.Dolphin-Cay.com/blog/ along with a detail of the recent sales.

Dolphin Cay single-family homes have been mostly quiet the past year with only one property being sold.  However, there appears to be a resurgence of activity as one of the waterfront properties is currently under contract and two additional properties on Spoonbill Lake have just come on the market.

Dolphin Cay Condominium sales on the other hand are quite the contrary with 16 units being sold 2019 year-to-date.  A continued demonstration for the demand of our Dolphin Cay properties.  While the average price per square foot is the same as the previous quarter ($318 per sq. ft.), we are still 4% above the prior year prices.  There were some notable sales including three units in Antigua that sold in excess of $350 per sq. ft. and one of the largest penthouses located in Bermuda which sold for $1,190,000.  There are currently only 4 condominiums available for sale in Dolphin Cay.  It is impressive that we were able to move so many properties and continue to show positive growth over the prior year prices.

The chart on the left below depicts the 12 month average sales price in each of the Dolphin Cay condo buildings for the periods ending June 30, 2019 and 2018.  Limited number of sales in an individual building can create swings that may not reflect true market conditions.  The chart to the right depicts the average trend in sales for Dolphin Cay.  The black line is the overall average sales price for all Dolphin Cay condominiums.  I am happy to sit down with anyone who might be interested in understanding these charts in more details.



Please contact me if you are interested in a complimentary consultation on the value of your property.  You can visit my website at www.EaganLuxury.com for information about Pinellas County communities or www.Dolphin-Cay.com for more information about Dolphin Cay.  Join the Dolphin Cay community Facebook page at “Lifestyles At Dolphin Cay” to keep in touch with our neighbors.  I look forward to seeing you around our community.

Additional Chart on Dolphin Cay Property

Below is a schedule that depicts the number of condominium units sold on a quarterly basis back to 2013.  Generally speaking the second quarter has the highest volumes of sales.  This typically is a result of contract that occur during January – March with closings April – June.  After the second quarter, there is no real #2 as the volume varies year to year and quarter to quarter.

The pie charts below compare the unit sales to the dollar sales by realtor group.  What you can determine is that whether you sale your unit as a private sale or with another realtor, you are not getting in lower sales price on average than if you used Debi Eagan.  This is also depicted in the rolling 12-month average chart on page 1 of this update.  The green line shows the sales trend over the last 2 years.