Dolphin Cay Single Family Home Market Update September 2016

RE: Dolphin Cay Condominium Real Estate Update as of 9/30/16 – Courtesy of Deborah Eagan, Realtor

Welcome back to all of our friends and neighbors who are returning to Dolphin Cay!

Single family home sales in Dolphin Cay have been slow in the past six months compared to the activity of various communities along the Pinellas Bayway and Tierra Verde.  Two homes, previously on the market in Dolphin Cay, were withdrawn from the market at the end of June, while others have come on the market in their place.  The current listings in Dolphin Cay are below:


I am often asked the question of: How do the Dolphin Cay single family homes compare to their competitors in the local market?  In my July 2016 newsletter I mentioned that I view our competition as the single family homes along the Pinellas Bayway and in Tierra Verde.  I continue to believe this is the case.  In the table below you can see the activity in the local communities for the past 6 months and the competition as it stands today.


The 4 major communities along the Pinellas Bayway are Dolphin Cay, Bayway Isles, Tierra Verde, and Broadwater.  In Broadwater, the waterfront single family homes offer the opportunity for purchasing waterfront at a lower price, although many of these homes are much smaller in size.  The value is generated from being on the water and as a result these homes typically get a higher price per square foot as much of the value is in the land.

When you speak about Bayway Isle and Tierra Verde, there are many options for purchasing single family homes across a wide spectrum of pricing.  The sheer size of these communities creates awareness that Dolphin Cay cannot offer and it is therefore necessary to have a Realtor who is willing to use non-traditional methods in creating awareness for your Dolphin Cay home.  You can see the dominance of these two communities in the table as they account for 26 of the 38 current listings and 9 out of the 10 of the listings that are under contract.

Selling single family homes in Dolphin Cay requires someone with an aggressive marketing approach and knowledge of our community and those communities along the Pinellas Bayway.  I consistently have ranked in the top 10 Realtors for volume/sales in 33711 and 33715 combined.

If you are interested in selling your Dolphin Cay home, my local expertise of Dolphin Cay and the surrounding market can provide an exceptional advantage to your success.  While I personally live in Dolphin Cay, I buy and sell homes from the Old Northeast, Downtown St. Petersburg to the Pinellas beaches.  Through highly customized marketing, an energetic work ethic and unequaled customer service, Eagan Luxury Real Estate can make a difference.  Contact me at any time or you can visit my new website at www.EaganLuxury.com.

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All the best.