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How do we have so many things and so little room?

Have you ever seen bathrooms online that show the different ways people organize their bathroom, want to implement the idea and have no idea where to start? You’re not alone. Science tells us that the less cluttered our spaces are, the less stressed we are and become. No matter how many square feet a home…
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How to: Maximize your Kitchen Space

We have a lot of things in our kitchens - from panini presses, coffee bars, pots and pans, automatic wine bottle openers, and fine china - it can be easy to lose track of where to store the items we need to survive, such as strong coffee, amazing wine and exceptional food. Eagan Luxury has…
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Making Poetry Together on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may be one of your favorite or least favorite holidays. If you’re on the giving and arranging side, Eagan Luxury has you covered on where to order the flowers, book the best reservation or activity, depending on what you both enjoy to celebrate your great love. Breakfast For those that can, breakfast and…
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St. Petersburg’s Hip Hop and Happenin’ all December-Long

December is the month where friends and families come together and remind each other how much they mean. St. Petersburg, continues to attract people from everywhere with its continuous sunshine and blue skies and community efforts to bring everyone together. Eagan Luxury has brought the best of St. Petersburg’s December events to you. On Saturday,…
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