Harbour Side Condominiums

Harbour Side Condominiums in Pasadena, FL are primarily a JMC Properties community that was built in 1986 on the northern shore of Boca Ciega Bay approximately 2 miles from St. Pete Beach and other Pinellas County beaches.  The 24-building community is situated along Sailboat Key Blvd and is broken down between 9 Condominium Associations and…
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“We live where you vacation.”

Florida is surrounded by water. It’s not a secret that flood insurance is extremely important; “floods are the nation’s most common and costly disaster and cause millions of dollars in damage every year” (https://www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program/How-Buy-Flood-Insurance). We know that you know flood insurance is necessary, but what exactly are the rules and regulations about it? Here are…
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Your Eagan Luxury 2018 Hurricane Guide

Every year from June to November, Floridians all over Florida prepare for Hurricane Season. All hope to not need to evacuate and, to much of the country’s dismay, do not evacuate or prepare more than sandbags and boarding up the windows to the home. In the event a storm does travel to our waters, here…
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